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Sheepshead Bay Warts Removal

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Warts Removal in Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay Warts Removal
Sheepshead Bay Warts Removal

Plantar warts develop on the underside of the foot, and are much more common for children than they are for adults. Our Sheepshead Bay warts removal here at the practice of Dr. Howard Dinowitz is done effectively and safely right here at our office.

What do plantar warts look like? The tend to resemble corns and calluses, but it’s important to make the distinction because their nature is different, and so is the way they are addressed. Typically, just one wart will appear, but it’s possible, though rare, for multiple warts to form, in what is collectively known as mosaic warts. A plantar wart begins small and grows larger. To tell them from corns and calluses, look for what appear to be black dots in the middle of the wart. They are actually very small blood vessels. Our Sheepshead Bay warts removal is the best way to approach the problem, since they are a hazard to your child’s health and they are also unsightly. Furthermore, they can be transmitted from person to person, so the longer your child has one (or more), the greater the opportunity for he or she to pass it on to a friend or classmate. Until she or he comes in for our Sheepshead Bay warts removal, it is recommended not to walk barefoot, especially in common areas. The best time to come in is when the wart has reached the size of a pencil eraser and the black, seed-like dots that are part of them. In order to prevent a recurrence of plantar warts, our foot doctor may suggest immune boosting medication.

We understand that the formation of any protrusion on your child’s foot raises your concern. Come in with your child for an examination and evaluation. Contact our office right now to set up an appointment.

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