Sheepshead Bay sports injuries

Sheepshead Bay Sports Injuries

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Running and Sports Problems in Sheepshead Bay

For people who are regularly active, there are plenty of medical concerns you need to keep in mind. Even though it sounds like active people, such as athletes, would be more physically fit and therefore healthier than most people, they are still prone to medical concerns and they may actually be at a greater risk of injury. Here at the offices of Dr. Howard Dinowitz, issues pertaining to Sheepshead Bay sports injuries can be treated comprehensively and managed throughout recovery in order to heal fully.

For serious athletes who are regularly active and are routinely looking to improve their skill level, medical care in the form of sports physical therapy is recommended. With the proper guidance, you can improve your athletic skill without pushing your body too far, causing injury or harm to yourself in the process. Even when you are not training, playing in games, competing, or doing anything else on the field can lead to injury. Accidents occur all the time, and it is vital that injuries sustained are treated promptly so that they can heal properly and recovery is more likely to be successful. Dr. Howard Dinowitz has been providing excellent podiatric care for our patients in both of our convenient Brooklyn and Staten Island state-of-the-art offices, so he is the one you want to see in the event of any foot or ankle injuries. Dr. Dinowitz has extensive experience when it comes to diagnosing and treating foot and ankle deformities, sports injuries and walking problems, diabetic feet, general injuries, wounds, and more. We currently have two locations in order to serve our patients better: one in Brooklyn and another in Staten Island. Our office operates from Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm, and you can make an appointment by visiting our website or giving us a call.

To learn more about how you can handle Sheepshead Bay sports injuries, or running and other sports related health problems, call us today to schedule your visit with Dr. Howard Dinowitz.

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