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Sheepshead Bay Ankle Injury

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Diagnosing and Treating Ankle Injuries in Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay Ankle Injury
Sheepshead Bay Ankle Injury

Ankle sprains are very common, but you need to be examined and diagnosed to be certain that it is your ligament that has been affected. Other common ankle injuries include muscle strains and bone fractures, which may feel remarkably similar to a sprain. At the office of Dr. Howard Dinowitz, you can benefit from the expert evaluation of a specialist when you have a Sheepshead Bay ankle injury.

Each and every day, there are 25,000 ankle sprains in The U.S. alone, so it is easy to understand why ankle pain is often assumed to be for that reason. Over one million ankle sprains are treated per year. It’s all too easy to suffer one. All you have to do is land improperly on your foot or lose your balance for a moment. This can happen when playing sports or running or jumping, but it can also occur when you’re simply walking, even in your own home. A muscle strain could also be to blame, however. And even a hairline fracture mimics the signs of a sprain in many cases. It is essential that you have your Sheepshead Bay ankle injury looked at in a timely manner. By waiting, you take the very real risk of a simple problem becoming much worse. And in the event you do have a hairline fracture of your bone, continuing to put pressure on it might lead to a more serious fracture, and what could have been a quick healing process then becomes a longer one. A physical exam and x-rays will result in a conclusive diagnosis. And treatment ranges from simple rest all the way up to surgery, though that won’t be necessary in most instances. Many times, keeping the ankle immobilized and staying off it will be sufficient.

Have your Sheepshead Bay ankle injury diagnosed and treated promptly. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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