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Foot Care Brooklyn

Dr. Howard Dinowitz is your go-to podiatrist in Brooklyn for the treatment of gout and all of your other foot and ankle care needs. For over thirty years Dr. Dinowitz has been serving our community with the very best in foot care. And our state-of-the-art office is designed so that our patients get the best care possible and feel comfortable and anxiety free during treatment. Whether you’re coming to see us for a sports related injury or the treatment of gout, you will find that our expert staff will give you the friendly and individualized care that you deserve.

Foot Diseases Brooklyn
Foot Diseases Brooklyn

Gout is a problem that we see and treat, but we want to further educate our patients on the subject. It is a painful disease that comes on suddenly, often overnight. It results in redness and swelling of the foot, most commonly the big toe joint. Gout is a metabolic disease, one where a blood chemical called uric acid is produced more than normal. This causes the crystals of uric acid to form and deposit in a joint, this is a very painful process. If gone untreated these attacks of gout can last for weeks. So if you experience any of these symptoms it’s essential that you contact your podiatrist in Brooklyn as soon as you possible can. With treatment, attacks of gout can be limited to a few days. Treatments for gout include injections, oral medications, supportive dressings and special shoes. After an attack of gout has subsided it’s then essential that you meat with your family physician in order to determine the underlying cause of the gout and set up a plan to prevent against future attacks of gout. We know that the onset of gout can be partly due to heredity, but that obesity, alcohol consumption and eating foods high in uric acid all play a role in these painful attacks.

At Dr. Howard Dinowitz, our goal is to treat your pain, to help you to feel better. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms associated with gout, or any other foot pains, make an appointment to see Dr. Dinowitz today, your go-to podiatrist in Brooklyn.

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