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Heel Pain in Sheepshead Bay

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Diagnosing and Treating Heel Pain in Sheepshead Bay

Heel Pain in Sheepshead Bay
Heel Pain in Sheepshead Bay

Heel pain is a very common problem that can affect both children and adults. If either you or your child is experiencing heel pain in Sheepshead Bay, you should come to our podiatry practice, Dr. Howard Dinowitz, for expert podiatry care.

Our top-notch podiatrist, Dr. Howard Dinowitz can provide complete diagnosis and treatment of your heel pain in Sheepshead Bay. In children, heel pain can commonly occur between the ages of eight and thirteen. This heel pain is a result of your child becoming more active in sports activity. The increase physical activity, particularly activity that includes jumping, can inflame parts of the heel. The more active your child is, the more likely it is that they will develop heel pain. As the bones mature, their heel pain will disappear, and most likely will not return. Should your child have this problem, it is important to bring him or her in to see our podiatrist so that their bones can be protected, and so that they can obtain pain relief. Heel spurs, generally do not develop in children. Heel pain in adults, can be caused by different reasons. It is usually caused by repetitive stress over a long period of time that places pressure on the heel bone and the soft tissues that attached to it. If an athlete often runs and jumps on hard surfaces, this can contribute to heel pain, as well. Being overweight, or wearing poorly constructed footwear can cause heel pain to develop also. Sometimes a heel spur will develop. A heel spur is a bony growth that occurs on the underside of the heel bone. Most treatments for heel pain are non-surgical. A common treatment is custom orthotics that will help to protect your foot while you walk and run. There are many other treatments for heel pain, most of which are completely non-invasive.

For an appointment to see our podiatrist for treatment of heel pain in Sheepshead Bay, contact us today.

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