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Heel Pain

If you have heel pain, walking can become unbearable. But if you walk on two legs, you most likely need your feet to continue your life as it is. So what happens when your feet become too painful to move? Dr. Howard Dinowitz, your heel pain doctor in Brooklyn, can return your life to the way it was before heel pain.

Heel pain is usually caused by a condition called plantar fasciitis. If there is a spur in your heel, plantar fasciitis is also called heel spur syndrome. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the tissue which connects the heel and the toes, called the fascia. When the fascia is irritated, it

Podiatrist In Marine Park Brooklyn
Podiatrist In Marine Park Brooklyn

eventually becomes inflamed, which results in pain in the heels. Symptoms of plantar fasciitis are pain on the bottom of the heel and in the arch of the foot. Usually, the pain is worst when standing up, and it will become worse over time. Usually the pain is worst after being still, and decreases when moving the feet, as the movement stretches the fascia and lessens the pain of the inflammation. There are some preventative measures that you can take on your own, such as shoe modification and over-the-counter medications. However, for more advanced methods of treating the condition, you should contact your heel pain doctor in Brooklyn, Dr. Howard Dinowitz.

Your heel pain doctor in Brooklyn can offer diverse methods of healing pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Strategic padding and strapping can support your feet, reducing the burden put on the fascia. There are options for injection therapy, which can reduce acute pain. There are casts or night splints, which can be used in the long term. Physical therapy is also available for those who have heel pain. There is no knowing what treatment is right for you until you are diagnosed.

Heel pain can also be caused by stress fractures, tendonitis, inflammatory illness, or cysts. Your heel pain doctor in Brooklyn can help you diagnose your heel pain and figure out what is causing it. There is no reason to live your life in pain. If you want to preserve your quality of life, and life your life without heel pain, Dr. Dinowitz is always an option.