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Treating Arch Pain in Brooklyn

Foot Care in Brooklyn
Foot Care in Brooklyn

Many people with arch pain in their foot are actually suffering from flat feet. If you need to see a podiatrist so that your arch pain can be relieved, you will want to come to see our expert foot doctor at our practice, Dr. Howard Dinowitz. Dr. Dinowitz will be able to provide you with the best foot care in Brooklyn which will have your feet feeling better.

Dr. Howard Dinowitz is very well known for treating flat feet. Flat feet are often a condition that is inherited. If you or your child have flat feet, it should be evaluated at some point. Many people go through their entire lives without being bothered by their flat feet. Other people end of with severe arch pain brought on by their flat feet. At our practice, our podiatrist will be able to treat your arch pain caused by flat feet so that you can have a more comfortable life. It is also important that flat feet are treated in certain cases so that other related problems do not develop and require further foot care in Brooklyn.

Flat feet can cause foot and postural weakness. However, sometimes flat feet do not need any treatment at all. Our podiatrist will be able to analyze your specific situation and let you know if treatment should be sought, even if you are not currently experiencing pain. If you have pain, deformity, difficulty in finding shoes that will fit properly, or have problems not being able to walk correctly while maintaining proper posture, you may need to have your flat feet treated. The sooner flat feet are treated, the better off you will be, so that other problems will not be created while the body works to compensate for the flat feet. Sometimes people with flat feet will develop related problems such as weakness, tiredness, and muscle cramps. However, if you have flat feet it does not mean that you need to have surgery. At our practice, our podiatrist can provide you with foot care treatment that is nonsurgical and will effectively treat your flat feet. This type of treatment involves special shoes or shoe modifications that include custom foot orthotics. If you have an advanced case of flat feet, braces may be needed. Reconstructive foot surgery may be deemed to be necessary if these treatment methods are not successful. Our podiatrist will be able to coordinate efforts between the medical doctors, and physical therapist so that a long term plan can be developed to treat your flat feet. For an appointment to meet with our podiatrist regarding flat foot care in Brooklyn, contact us today.

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