Diabetic foot care in Bergen Beach

Diabetic foot doctor 11229

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Diabetic foot care in Marine Park

Diabetic foot doctor 11229
Diabetic foot doctor 11229

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, either type one or type two, it probably comes as no surprise to you that it can cause complications that may have a serious impact on your health, including your feet. In the worst case scenario, you could even end up losing a foot or possibly an entire leg. With proper attention from our diabetic foot doctor in 11229, Dr. Howard Dinowitz, however, you can avoid serious problems and maintain the well-being of your feet.

The most common way that your feet can be affected by diabetes is nerve damage, clinically called neuropathy. This can cause interference with the flow of blood to your feet, which may make you less able to sense temperature changes in your feet or realize that you have sustained a foot injury. Your ability to notice pain may also be compromised. Because your nerves also control moisture in your skin, another complication to be aware of is dry skin, cracking, and peeling. In order to stay on top of any potential issues, our diabetic foot doctor in 11229 recommends that you do a self-exam of your feet regularly to check for damages, blisters, or infections. If you develop calluses, the may get thick and can turn into foot ulcers. Sluggish circulation due to your diabetes can contribute to difficulties in fighting off any infections.

Diabetes could also result in deformities of the foot. If you are at risk for this, our diabetic foot doctor in 11229 might suggest special therapeutic shoes that prevent any changes to the shape of your feet and toes. Our diabetic foot care can also include advising you on changes to your lifestyle to assist in managing how diabetes affects your feet. If you smoke or use smokeless tobacco, we strongly urge you to consider quitting. And proper exercise is a great way to boost your circulation. During your regular visits to our office, Dr. Dinowitz will discuss other ways in which your feet can be protected. And as always, working in concert with your primary physician to keep your blood sugar under control is the best strategy for maintaining your foot health and your health in general.

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