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Diabetic Foot Care in Sheepshead Bay

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Diabetic foot care in Sheepshead Bay

Diabetic foot care in Sheepshead Bay
Diabetic foot care in Sheepshead Bay

Diabetes-related foot and ankle issues got you down? Call us up at the practice of Dr. Howard Dinowitz and book an appointment foot premier diabetic foot care in Sheepshead Bay. With our friendly, skilled, and comprehensive care, you will be back on your feet in no time- literally!

At the practice of Dr. Howard Dinowitz, we understand how much foot health contributes to our patients’ abilities to live active, fruitful lives. That’s why we take pride in being your go-to Sheepshead Bay podiatrist and work hard to offer a professional, family-friendly environment where our community can receive the foot care services that they need. These services range from routine checkups to treatments for surgery; whatever foot care you are seeking, we’re equipped to handle your every podiatric need. In particular, we’re proud to offer office-based anesthesia for surgical procedures, laser treatment of ingrown nails and warts, free consultation for new patients (regardless of whether you have insurance!), whirlpool hydrotherapy, and nitrous oxide for patients who suffer from anxiety during treatment. Furthermore, it’s important to us that we accommodate even our busiest and most limited patients; that’s why we stay open six days per week (with three late nights) and perform house calls to local home-bound patients. Whether you’re coping with heel pain, ankle sprains, flat feet, hammertoes, diabetes, heel spurs, corns, athlete’s foot, or a myriad of other ailments, you can find the respectful and discreet diabetic foot care in Sheepshead Bay you need at our highly esteemed practice. We take pride in the quality of attention and care we devote to our local community, and are anxious to serve as many members as can with the kind of podiatric treatment that they need to live their lives free of pain or discomfort.

If you’re curious what your local podiatrist can do for you in terms of diabetic foot care in Sheepshead Bay, don’t hesitate to call us at the practice of Dr. Howard Dinowitz. Your feet will thank you!

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