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Brooklyn orthotics
Brooklyn orthotics

Many people with foot, leg, or back pain find orthotics to be their salvation. Orthotics are shoe inserts used to treat a whole slew of medical problems. Brooklyn orthotics are specially made to satisfy and treat your personal needs. Dr. Howard Dinowitz works with each and every patient individually, carefully discussing your history, lifestyle, and pains. You’ve probably seen shoe inserts in the pharmacy, the grocery store, or even on TV. While these inserts may make your shoes more comfortable for some people, they usually don’t correct the deeper issue. Orthotics are different from shoe inserts because they are prescribed by a doctor.

Several foot related conditions can cause different types of pain. Brooklyn orthotics are carefully designed to treat each specific issue like flat arches or improper gaites. Orthotics to treat flat arches, or flat feet, are personally designed inserts that have a bump in the middle, helping to raise your foot where it lacks an arch. This helps patients with back and leg pain that is so often caused by this structural issue. Sometimes as we age the skin on our feet become thinner, altering the way you walk or how your feet feel. Special orthotics can cushion and support these areas, like the heel or ball of the feet.

Functional orthotics are meant to treat abnormalities such as an odd gait. You may not even notice when you’re “walking wrong” but the pain you develop over time is a big red flag. Brooklyn orthotics can be used to treat shin splints, and other injury related conditions. Accomodative orthotics can be used to provide comfort, support, and cushioning. These are a great choice for treating diabetic foot ulcers, calluses, and other foot issues.

Make an appointment with Dr. Howard Dinowitz, and let us help solve your foot related back and leg pain for life.

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