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Treating Hammertoes in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Hammertoe Doctor
Brooklyn Hammertoe Doctor

Not many people think of their foot health on a regular basis, even though there are things you can do in order to make sure that your feet are taken care of. It’s recommended that you were comfortable shoes, that you make sure that your feet get the proper amount of support that they need, and that you take a look at them every day while also making sure that they are clean and dry. Some foot related conditions can first present themselves in the shape of your foot, which is often the case when it comes to hammertoes. Hammertoes can also cause calluses, which can be painful and uncomfortable. No matter what, our Brooklyn hammertoe doctor, Dr. Howard Dinowitz, is here to offer you the comprehensive foot care you need.

Foot deformities are not at all uncommon, and they can often develop well after you have completed growing and developing as a child or a teenager. Hammertoes are issues involving the joints of the smaller toes, and they generally form when these toes experience a significant amount of friction and pressure on a regular basis. The sooner you have hammertoes identified and treated, the more likely you will be able to avoid more intensive treatments such as surgery. Here with the help of our Brooklyn hammertoe doctor, Dr. Howard Dinowitz, you can have any kind of hammertoe treated. If you catch a hammertoe while it is still mild and its earlier stages, you might be able to treat it by simply changing the kinds of shoes that you wear or applying shoe inserts that can alleviate stress and friction. If your hammertoes more severe, then you might need a surgery that will realign the joint completely.

No matter how severe or mild your hammertoe happens to be, having one can definitely be detrimental to your foot health and they can also be uncomfortable and unsightly. With the help of our Brooklyn hammertoe doctor, Dr. Howard Dinowitz, you can easily have hammertoes diagnosed as well as treated.

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