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Bunion Treatment in Brooklyn

Brooklyn foot doctor
Brooklyn foot doctor

Many of us rely on our feet every day and may not realize just how much we do so until something happens to them. Things such as growths, injuries or chronic pain and discomfort can definitely make things more difficult on your feet. Foot conditions of any kind should be treated as soon as possible. They can easily worsen and create future, chronic issues. Our Brooklyn foot doctor, Dr. Howard Dinowitz, can provide you with the foot care you need, no matter what you are suffering from, including bunions.

There are plenty of different types of foot conditions and other such problems. One common foot problem is bunions. Bunions are the result of an alignment issue with your first or big toe with the foot itself. In a normal foot, the main bones of each toe are aligned so that all of the toes are parallel and are fairly close to one another. A bunion is when the bone of the big toe begins to move outward and away from the other bones of the foot. This makes the foot wider in shape and the toe itself begins to lean towards the second toe at an angle, sometimes covering the second toe in certain cases. This can make it very difficult to wear certain shoes as well as walk in them comfortably. Wearing tight or ill-fitting shoes is often the cause of such a condition, but bunions can also be the result of an injury or even the result genetics. No matter what the cause happens to be, our Brooklyn foot doctor, Dr. Howard Dinowitz can provide you with the bunion treatment that you need. There are plenty of treatment options for bunions, and the method that Dr. Dinowitz provides for you will depend on your exact situation and condition.

When it comes to foot care and bunions, treatment may include wearing orthotic devices or a specific kind of shoe to ease the foot and ease any pain, medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs or cortisone injections, or even surgical options. If you have bunions, there is no more need to worry. Call our Brooklyn foot doctor, Dr. Howard Dinowitz, to set up an appointment today.

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