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A bunion isn’t all that big, but it can cause a mountain of pain. Fortunately, with our Brooklyn foot care, you don’t need to suffer with bunions needlessly. Just call us and arrange an appointment to be examined by our foot doctor. There are treatment options that will ease the pain, and even get rid of it altogether.

What exactly is a bunion, anyway? They’re small, bony protrusions that form at the base of your big toe, right where it is joined to the rest of your foot. They come about due to too much pressure being exerted on your big toe joint. This occurs for various reasons, but the most common of these are related to the shoes you wear. Any footwear that is too tight around the toes can lead to bunions. And because women are more apt to have shoes, especially high-heeled shoes, that are too tight, bunions disproportionately affect women. Other potential causes include how you walk or having flat feet. Our Brooklyn foot care can help you, regardless of the origin of your bunion.

It’s not easy to walk when you are suffering from bunion pain. In fact, even just standing can be difficult, depending on the severity of the problem. When you can’t walk without massive discomfort, it’s easy to see how it can have a negative impact on nearly anything you do. But when you turn to our Brooklyn foot care, you’ll be able to enjoy the relief that comes from treatment.

In the more mild cases, changing your footwear might be enough to put you back on the right track. It’s a good idea to wear more comfortable shoes no matter what, but particularly when you have bunions. Arch supports or bunion pads are also great methods for redistributing the weight on your foot. If those and other adjustments don’t provide you with the desired results, our Brooklyn foot care might recommend surgery as a last resort. Fortunately, if that does become necessary, you can rest assured that Dr. Dinowitz has the expertise and experience to do it effectively, safely, and gently.

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